Today should be a holiday because after severe flooding and erosion along the greenbelt, it's finally back open! Work can wait until tomorrow. 

Today, let's all meet by the water! There are still places where you need to be extra careful and also posted signs keeping you out. It's for your safety and the closed off locations are few and far between.

The weather today: Mid 80's. The temps will keep rising as we make our way through the weekend into next week.

The City of Boise says that most of the 25 miles is safe to reopen to the public with the exception of the following areas:

  • Marianne Williams Park in SE Boise - part of the path that goes through the park
  • Bethine Church River Trail that runs near theCottonwood Apartments in SE Boise
  • W. Parkcenter Blvd bridge to Loggers Creek - the part right under there
  • Near Veteran's Memorial Park on the north side of the greenbelt
  • Esther Simplot Park to Veteran's Memorial Pond - the section of the north side

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