As Boise continues to grow, so too will the number of new and popular businesses in our area. Just seeing things like TopGolf open up, for many, are signs of the Treasure Valley "coming a long way" from where we were as a small area. Toss in In-N-Out and one might say we're becoming a big deal!?

One major store that kids, adults, and families alike are going to be anxious to see open up? The LEGO Store!

We've known for some time that LEGO was looking to move into The Village at Meridian--but now it's time to start staffing up and the LEGO Group is looking for leadership!

LEGO Seeks Leaders in The Treasure Valley

Ahead of a new LEGO Store opening up in The Village--here's what you could be doing for the world famous company!

Would you work for LEGO!? 

We aren't sure that we would be able to get any work done at a local LEGO Store because we love to play with the LEGO blocks too much!

At this point, there is not a formal opening date for the store--so you're going to have to wait a bit longer, LEGO-lovers. Once it opens up, we fully expect greatness--and hopefully some really fun Boise-themed LEGO displays!

Interested in applying for the open position? CLICK HERE!

In New York, there's an entire Lego-themed hotel & you can take a look inside of this awesome place to stay, below: 

Photos From Inside the LEGOLAND New York Hotel

Up until now, LEGOLAND New York has mostly only released stock photos of their hotels in other resorts around the world. This is truly your first peek inside the actual hotel opening soon in Goshen, New York.

15 Rock + Metal Album Covers Recreated With LEGOs

All are designed by Adnan Lotia.

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