I've said it before; this year Live for 175 is all about the riders. More specifically, the riders that have participated in the event for several years. It's amazing that a community event like Live for 175 continues for 11 years, but even more so that Live's successes or failure is reliant on people like Beth Wilch. I sat down with Beth to ask her a few questions.

How many years have you Cycled to Break the Cycle

I've ridden at Live for 175 since 2014. This is my fourth year.

What's the longest you've ever ridden?

The longest I've ridden non-stop was three hours.

What's the hardest part when riding?

The hardest part of riding is getting comfortable especially the seat part.

Why are you Cycling to Break the Cycle?

I am cycling for the kids who can't speak and to help anyone who needs help. Last year and this year I have been riding for a good friend of ours Mandi Smith.

What song are you tired of hearing when you Cycle?


What would you like to see added to Live for 175?

More comfortable bikes after a few hours your back starts hurting and it would be helpful if there was a pace to put your phones.

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