We really, really didn't need another thing to worry about in 2022. We're on the tail-end of covid, gas prices are still in flux, and we're supposed to wait another year for the final season of Stranger Things?

2022 is tough. Yet, here we are with another story about something that's possibly deadly that you should be looking out for.

If you live in Idaho, you now have a new threat to be on the lookout for when you're out and about. Did you guess rabid bats? Because it's totally rabid bats. Good guess!

Recently, a bat who just happened to be rabid was discovered in Bingham County. This is dangerous to Idahoans on numerous levels, obviously. Jeff Doerr, an epidemiologist with Southeast Idaho Public Health, gives us more details:

It is extremely important for people to avoid all bats and other wild animals, particularly if they appear sick or are acting aggressively or abnormally. I strongly encourage owners to contact their veterinarian if they believe their pets, regardless of vaccination status, were in contact with a bat.

For the record, only about 15 rabid bats are documented in Idaho every year.

What should you do if you encounter a bat? Literally anything other than trying to get close to them. Bats can and do carry rabies, and that is not an affliction you want to mess with.

If you believe you've come in contact with a rabid bat, contact the Southeastern Idaho Public Health’s Epidemiologists @ 208-478-6303, or visit SIPH’s website at www.siphidaho.org.

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