The red carpet is always interesting but Lizzo had this years AMA's in the bag. Yes there was a few over the top outfits at this years American Music Awards. Billy Porter's best friend would of slapped the taste out of his mouth if he saw the so called "hat " that that he wore on the red carpet. I've heard of putting some "Stank on it" but this simply stunk up the place... LOL. I'm sure fashionistas are reading this and thinking... Mikey you have no fashion sense whatsoever... and they're probably right but that headpiece from Stephen Jones Millinery is ridiculous in my humble opinion. The other outfit that made me say WTF !!! was the one Lil Nas X wore. Was he trying to channel his inner Green Lantern? Was he auditioning for the next Joker? Was he feeling was like his future was so bright that he needed to radiate fluorescent green radioactive mater from every article of clothing he was wearing? Lil Nas X owned it... for  sure!!!

Out of all the extravagance on the AMA's red carpet I have to say that Lizzo had it in the bag... literally!!! No, I'm not referring to the ruffled orange Valentino minidress or the Stuart Weitzman shoes. Lizzo stole the show with the white Valentino microbag that she wore between her fingers. Everyone wanted to know what was inside of it and the singer said in a red carpet interview...  "I got tampons in here, a flask of tequila, condoms."

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