We are now well into June and even though many of our worlds are in dissarray, high school seniors all across our state and country are preparing for the next steps in their lives. For many, it may be a break from school or jumping right into a career. For others, it may be going to college and pursuing a degree or expertise in something--and then there is the brave that not only go on to college, but take on a sport as well. I always admired the students that could get it done in the classroom and still have the dedication to go full speed ahead in chasing their athletic dreams. During my senior year, I committed myself to run track at the collegiate level and it didn't take me long to realize I simply didn't have the bandwidth to juggle a degree, my job in the radio world, a social life...AND a sport. I don't think I was on the team for more than a few weeks!

Thanks to Idaho's News Channel 7, a huge list has been compiled, highlighting local athletes that are taking their skills to the next level as they pursue college degrees.  The list is impressive-- with some students going off to some pretty big programs like Stanford football and Gonzaga Univeristy soccer to name a couple (Go Zags!).

To see the full list that the dedicate High School Spots crew over at KTVB put together, click HERE.

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