I want to share something positive that happened here in the Treasure Valley. It’s a story of something positive that came from something horribly tragic. Last week a 17 year old girl named Kaiya Lucas was one of two people killed in a car accident. In the accident, Kaiya instinctively pulled another passenger in the vehicle over her lap shielding her and in effect saving her life. In learning more about Kaiya, she was a selfless individual who often volunteered at the Women’s and Children’s alliance. Kaiya Lucas is a hero.
But that’s not where this story ends. After Kaiya’s passing, her father Roger Elam was faced with a decision on what to do with his daughters 2004 KIA which was not involved in the accident. He decided that Kaiya would have wanted the car to go to someone who really needed it. So he found Jessey Badker is a single mom from Emmett who had been relying on rides from friends and family for transportation to work and her daughter’s daycare.

I’ve always though you will find the best in people at the worst moments. As a father, I can’t even imagine the pain Roger felt, but to selflessly think of someone else that was in need during that time says allot about him, the kind of father he was, and the daughter he was raising.

I’ve attached a link to Kaiya’s GoFundMe to help cover her funeral expenses.

I had the chance to speak with Jessey Baker and she had a message for Kaiya and her father.




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