Yesterday I wrote a blog about my experience at the grocery store this past weekend. After seeing what I saw and watching people act like savages I would not let my parents go to the grocery store if they lived here. I'm fortunate to have siblings that live in the same city as my parents whom I called and instructed to do all the shopping necessary for my parents. Community and neighbors are words that come to mind in this situation. Are we serving our community, are we being good neighbors? Are we taking care of our friends and those that may need help? What if it was your elderly parents at the store getting pushed around and mistreated over a pack of toilet paper. It's moments like this where we should salute those who step up and do the right thing. Locally owned Albertsons deserves a huge salute, a high five and a congratulations for doing the right thing. Albertsons will now reserve Tuesdays and Thursday between 7-9a for senior citizens and other at risk populations.

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