It's hard finding love in 2023. Do you turn to the tried and true relying on a friend to introduce you to their cute, single friend? Maybe you join an online dating site to see if anyone out there matches your interest. Perhaps, you're at the end of your rope, and have dove headfirst into the not-always wonderful world of dating apps on your phone.

No matter how you look for it, love can be hard to find. Unless you're stranded on a sexy remote island with other hot singles who are looking for the same thing.

Sound good? Because this is actually happening.

Love Island is casting for their next season, and they're looking for singles from the Boise area to apply! Yes, this is real. One of the biggest dating shows on television wants people from the Treasure Valley as part of the cast.

Per their press release:

We're looking for down-to-earth, charismatic ‘singles-next-door’ who may have never considered going on a dating show before but are open to giving it a shot.

This you? If so, this is where you apply to be on Love Island. You have to be at least 18 years old, and you'll be subjected to a lengthy questionnaire about yourself before getting in the running to be on the show.

What can you win if you're the winners of Love Island? The winners who decide they've met their "one and only" will be walking away with $100,000.

Which, after divided up, and after tax, is still enough to get a premium membership to So, you should sign up!

The 'Dirty' TikTok Trend Taking Idaho By Storm

Why is the internet blaming Mormons in Utah and Idaho for this popular TikTok trend? Well, there's a lot of talk about here and it really goes back to the rules around caffeine. If you aren't familiar, for years, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints banned the consumption of caffeine. As a condition of church membership, nearly all addictive substances are prohibited and in Utah and Idaho where the Mormon faith is in the majority, it's just a well-known fact.

Now, in Idaho and in Utah, a "Dirty" trend has been put on display for all to see via TikTok and it doesn't matter where these people live or what they do or do not believe's catching on because allegedly, it's TASTY!

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