It's had a few different looks over the years, but the last part of a landmark that Boise has known for over 60 years has been torn out. 

Last spring, Boise Parks and Rec set up signs around Ann Morrison Park's famous fountain informing park-goers that it would be replaced "soon." The sign initially listed "soon" as Fall 2021. We're not sure exactly what stalled the project, but the old fountain was still here in mid-October.

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We went back to check on the project's status on March 17 and the old fountain is officially no more. Construction is underway on a new, more interactive fountain. The new fountain is going to be great, but after years of building memories around the old one seeing the construction crews at work is bittersweet.

Keep reading to learn a little more about the history of the fountain, why the City of Boise decided it was time for it to go and what the new one is going to look like!

The Ann Morrison Park Fountain's Past, Present and Future

Take a trip down memory lane to when the Ann Morrison Fountain had a reflecting pool and time travel to see what the new design will look like.

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