One way or another we all caught wind of the missing Idaho children. We waited with anticipation and hoped that they were found safe & sound and then as the days went on the story started to unfold and got uglier by the minute. Usually you hear horrific stories on the news and while you may feel bad for the victims you still feel removed enough that you can move on with your day. This one hit home because it was so close to home. Idaho feels like its so removed from the big city norms that you don't necessarily think something like this could happen here but it did. This past Tuesday Dateline NBC announced that they would be airing a new true-crime podcast series investigating Lori Vallow and her late children, J.J. Vallow and Tylee Ryan.

If you happen to be unfamiliar with the story the cliffs notes are that the children disappeared in 2019 and were later found on the property of Vallow's husband Chad Daybell in Rexburg in June 2020. Amidst all this there was trip to Hawaii and a bunch of troubling details.

The podcast debuts on Tuesday February 16th. On that day you can download the first two episodes and the remaining episodes will become available over the following three week period.  The podcast will be hosted by Dateline NBC's Keith Morrison.

According to ktvb... "This six-episode series, titled Mommy Doomsday, will feature Dateline's exclusive and original reporting and Vallow, Daybell, and their connection to the children's disappearance. It will also discuss Vallow and Daybell's participation in a religious group that believed doomsday was near."

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