Machine Gun Kelly is back to rapping again on his latest single, "Taurus."

On Wednesday (Nov. 23), Machine Gun Kelly premiered the new video for his new song "Taurus," which is the title track of his latest semi-autobiographical film of the same name. Over moody productions, MGK raps about his mental health as he deals with the pressure of being a famous music artist.

"Look, I'm sick of sitting inside of this room 'cause every thought I got's negative/I'm sick of not being able to sleep and relying only on a sedative/I'm sick of hearing another voice telling me what to do in my head again/Psychiatrist said he's imaginary but I know he's real if I said he is/Fighting with myself so I can't help that I'm competitive (Yeah)/This movie is my life but I still remain uncredited (Uh)/I don't care how big I get, I still remain unedited/I built this from the ground up, y'all just living it," he raps on the third verse.

In the semi-biopic, for which he is credited under his real name Colson Baker, Kelly plays Cole Taurus, a troubled rock star searching for inspiration to record his next big song while battling drug addiction and fame. The film also co-stars his girlfriend, actress Megan Fox, and is directed by Tim Sutton.

Taurus is distributed by RLJE films and is available for viewing through On Demand and digital streaming services like Apple TV and YouTube Movies.

Back in June, MGK premiered his documentary, Life in Pink, where he detailed about his suicidal tendencies after being distraught over his father's death. Thankfully, the Ohio rap-rocker sought out therapy and is now in a much better space-mentally.

Watch Machine Gun Kelly's "Taurus" Music Video Below

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