Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have consistently shared details about their relationship that might qualify as TMI. However, their latest revelation really takes the cake.

The couple were in Las Vegas over the weekend to attend the 2022 Billboard Music Awards. Fox showed off several photos from their trip to Sin City on Instagram; she also shared a couple clips of herself posing in a chic blue jumpsuit.

Situated in the middle of the gallery of glam content was a screenshot of a text exchange between Fox and her stylist. In it, the actress revealed that she and MGK cut out the crotch of the jumpsuit so that they could get it on without taking the outfit off.

"Was this blue outfit expensive because we just cut a hole in the crotch so we could have sex," she casually texted her stylist who responded with a sense of humor.

"I hate you," the stylist wrote back alongside several laughing emojis. She also promised to "fix" the situation for the star-crossed lovers. Maybe next time they can use a zipper?

Scroll through the gallery of photos and check out the text thread below:

Fans on Instagram rushed to the comments section to laugh about the messages.

"Cut a hole Megan," one fan wrote in all caps. "Cmon baby."

"What is that text," another wanted to know.

Others seemed less than impressed by the raunchy revelation.

"The text message like really," someone wrote. "Nobody cares or wants to see that."

"S--t is so cringe at this point. We get it y'all like to f--k constantly," another commented. "No need to advertise it at every opportunity lol."

"Everything I know about this relationship has been completely against my will," yet another distressed social media user wrote.

Fox and MGK have made headlines multiple times since they started dating in 2020. The couple shared their... unique first kiss story, which reads as celebrity fan fiction. They also revealed they drank each other's blood to celebrate their engagement.

They were warned by several vampires about the dangers of drinking blood, but it remains to be seen if the pair will heed those warnings.

E! News notes the duo also made headlines during the awards show. While performing on stage, MGK referred to Fox as his "wife." He also mentioned an "unborn child."

They've yet to confirm if they have secretly exchanged vows or if they have a baby on the way.

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