Have you ever seen a lake so beautiful, you just couldn't stop looking at it?

These lakes aren't going to look at themselves, man! Maybe you should get paid to do so! Allegedly, there are jobs out there so great that people ACTUALLY get paid to stare at lakes all day.  I can verify one, for sure, is available and you have until tonight to apply.

I'm not much for beer but even if you're like me--you're familiar with the Michelob Ultra brand. These guys are hoping to hire a Chief Exploration Officer.

Are you or is someone you absolutely obsessed with the great outdoors? Do they roam free in the wilderness like a TIGER? Check out this gig.

According to Michelob Ultra, they're looking for someone who has "deep appreciation" for nature, can take amazing photos of national parks and go on a six-month journey for the company. Sounds like a pretty awesome gig to me--and I'm an avid indoorsman.

You must be 21 or older to apply and I guess we should mention, the job pays as well. You'll make $50,000 for the six month adventure. Not too shabby, am I right?

I cam across this opportunity today while staring at Twitter--not a lake--and the catch as I share this is that your application is due..TODAY. So, get to it! What are you waiting for!?

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