If I couldn't get you to join my vegetarian lifestyle, maybe Queen Bey can. Last night Beyonce broke the internet when she asked her fans and followers to go vegan for the chance to win tickets to her and JAY's shows for life. LIFE.

Seem too good to be true? It's not really. Bey posted the "Greenprint Project Sweepstakes" on IG which asks fans to incorporate meatless and plant-based meals into their diets. If you join in on their Greenprint, you're entered to win 30 years of Beyonce and JAY-Z concert tickets.

And you don't have to go completely vegan to win. You can just engage in 'meatless mondays' or 'plant-based for breakfast' to be eligible. Deets are at thegreenprintproject.com where you find more stats and facts about how going plant-based can help out the environment.

Your favorite Carters are not new to the meatless lifestyle. Beyonce commonly goes vegan before major tours and Coachella. They also penned a joint intro for their trainer, Marco Borges, new cookbook (which I bought and haven't read yet) The Greenprint: Plant-Based Diet, Best Body, Better World. 

I encourage you to try it out. One meal without animal products. It's surprisingly a lot easier and more delicious than you'd think. And with Beyonce tickets on the line, I think a lot of people will be changing their perspective.


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