We have all heard the old saying, “You are what you eat.” If this is true, one man is a big ol’ bag of gas station dog treats. The delivery driver is going viral after discovering that he has been nibbling on dog treats every day for 20 years.

It’s a doggone mistake that his daughter will never let him live down.

Sharing her dad’s unfortunate story on Reddit, the daughter shares that her dad has made a habit out of stopping at their local corner store for a few biscuits every time he fills up his delivery van with gas.

After 20 years of stopping to refuel and grab a small snack, he was shocked to discover that his favorite “off-brand Digestives” were actually a healthy snack made for man’s best friend.

“So my dad was speaking about the increase in petrol prices, and this led him on to talking about the corner shop he visits on a weekly basis for a packet of biscuits,” shared the anonymous woman in her Reddit thread.

“He has been going to this shop for about 20 years to get these biscuits. He said they’re his favorite, and they’re the only shop he can get them in,” she continues.

The woman explained that her dad has looked in other gas stations for the snack, but ultimately this convenience store is the only one to carry his favorite brand.

“Anyway, a few days after this conversation, he brought home a packet for me because he wanted to show me just how good they are,” says the woman.

Upon looking at the package, the woman says she “burst out laughing” and had to break the news to her dad and let him know that for most of his adult life, he has been gobbling down dog treats.

“Clear as day on the packet, dog treats,” says the Redditor. “He has been eating dog treats for 20 years! I honestly can’t believe it! I have been laughing about this for hours now.”

Her dad thought they were off-brand Digestives or something because they’re round and not “bone-shaped.”

The woman had to share the hilarious situation with her sister, who also shared a good chuckle at their father’s expense.

“He couldn’t believe it. I asked him if he is going to carry out buying and eating them,” says the woman. “He is undecided.”

“This was about a week ago now,” teases the daughter. “He went to fill up with petrol today, he text me saying they just don’t taste the same now he knows they’re for dogs.”

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