Yikes! Statically, Boise might be safer today than it's been in the past, but when big stories like this hit it sure doesn't feel like it. Today news broke that man from Mexico was busted with over $100,000 worth of meth and heroin in a Boise WalMart parking lot. Narcotics officers found seven large packages of meth and a container of heroin in the vehicle.

According to Boise police, 24-year-old Briyan E. Paniagua Chayrez of Mexicali, Mexico, was arrested without incident on Saturday afternoon.
Police say Paniagua Chayrez had been acting suspiciously in a parking lot near the Walmart on Overland Road. While speaking with the suspect, officers say they located evidence that he was in possession of a controlled substance.

It almost seems like meth is one of those weird taboo things to talk about here in Boise. The state of Idaho is one of the hardest hit states in the United States meth epidemic. Thankfully our law-enforcement officers were able to get this stuff off the street before it could poison our community.

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