The words "incredibly disappointed" is how Boise State University's interim Athletic Director Bob Carney summed up the NCAA's announcement surrounding March Madness.

It's an announcement that I feared would come eventually, but didn't know when, or in what form. Today, however, we're hearing that the NCAA is getting ahead of the uncertainty and rolling out a plan for March Madness that will only involve ONE singular tournament location.

Earlier this week, I shared with you that ExtraMile Arena at Boise State University would be hosting NO fans during Boise State's basketball season--both for men and women. This of course made major implications for what March COULD look like, as the university was set to once again host rounds one and two of March Madness. A Gonzaga alum and major basketball fan--this is HUGE. Pictured above, you can see Momteo and I watching as the Zags dominated right here in Boise during those same two rounds.

As of this afternoon, it's been made loud and clear by the NCAA that their eyes are set on all 68 March Madness eligible teams taking each other on in just ONE city. Cutting out travel and multiple locations for these teams certainly takes away some of the risk for COVID once again ruining the most anticipated basketball tournament of the entire year.

Rumors among sports experts are expecting Indianapolis to be the ONE location that will host all March Madness games for ALL 68 teams. Fans like me are REALLY sad to hear there won't be games in the Treasure Valley-- then again, even if games were here I think that expecting fans to be in the stands is a stretch.

We will keep you posted as this develops, but no--don't hold your breath for any tournament games here in Boise. Did you already buy tickets? Make sure you request your refund which IS available through the NCAA (Not Boise State University).

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