I confidently pride myself in being the most passionate fan of college basketball and March Madness in our entire radio station headquarters--there's just nothing like it, in my humble opinion. With that said, most are typically forced to deal with my antics surrounding predictions and of course, enthusiasm for Gonzaga University--my alma mater. This year, however, as Gonzaga has dominated the season, remained the #1 team in the nation for the entire year, and punched their ticket into the big dance--I've found myself rooting for a new "little guy"-- Boise State.

After an amazing start to their season, Boise State unfortunately lost any shot at making March Madness. In basketball terms, the bubble kind of "burst" to say the least.

Reports are already saying that Head Coach Leon Rice, who many critics are claiming isn't "getting it done" at Boise State is ready to take on an invite to the NIT if the opportunity arises.

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