Miks and Tee, a U.K. couple who post content on OnlyFans, claim to make upward of $18,000 on the platform, which has allowed them to quit their full-time jobs and support Miks' ill father.

What's the secret to their success?

The husband and wife duo say they only post "real" content on their OnlyFans and rarely edit their intimate moments before uploading the videos exclusively for subscribers.

According to Bristol Live, Tee was the first to bring up the idea of joining OnlyFans. She pitched the idea to her husband in 2019.

Miks was surprised when his wife followed through with her idea of capitalizing on creating steamy content and asked him for his help making the videos.

As new creators on the platform, Miks began helping Tee with camera work, sometimes acting as a faceless stand-in for the content she was creating.

"She was posting videos and photos of herself. First of all, it was just lingerie and different outfits, and she had spoken openly that she has a husband," Miks told Bristol Live.

But Miks quickly realized how much money the couple could potentially make on the platform.

In January 2022, Miks decided it was time to truly commit, and the couple began creating more sexually explicit content together.

"To keep our subscribers, it was non-stop working pretty much. We both gave up our day jobs, and it was non-stop after we took our son to school," Miks explained. "We would be on the cams until two o'clock just before our son comes home, as obviously, we couldn't do anything with him there."

Miks says that they have "a lot more time to spend with our son" now that he and Tee work from home.

As for the content they create, Miks shared, "We pretty much do full-on porn videos. We don't edit anything and whatever happens, happens, and we just post that video. There is no editing, really ... A lot of people now like that because it's not fake. We're just trying to do all-natural."

Tee and Miks say their OnlyFans account currently has 1,000 subscribers who pay roughly $12 per month to watch their intimate content.

"We can make between [$6,000] to [$18,000] a month. It all depends on tips, and we still use different sites so it all combines. Most months, it's around [$12,000]," Miks revealed.

The husband-wife pair now support themselves and their son with the revenue their online content brings in.

Their OnlyFans has also helped them support Miks' parents, especially Miks' ailing father, who has had four heart attacks and has a series of severe health conditions including angina, ischemic heart disease, diabetes, hepatitis C and asthma.

Medical bills are high, and the couple is thankful they can make sure Miks' dad is getting the care he needs. The couple now live two doors down from Miks' family, which allows for more family time.

"They don't discourage us, as long as we are both happy," Miks shared when asked if his family supports his and Tee's new career path.

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