OnlyFans star and Instagram model Courtney Tailor has been arrested and accused of murdering her boyfriend Christian "Toby" Obumseli in Miami.

Tailor, whose real name is Courtney Clenney, was arrested in Hawaii on a warrant out of Miami-Dade County on Wednesday, August 10, according to a press release.

Tailor will be extradited to Miami and face charges for murder in the case of the fatal stabbing of Obumseli.

She is being charged with second-degree murder with a deadly weapon, according to the Miami Herald's report.

The shocking case sparked a rush of discourse online, and a few circulating videos of leaked surveillance footage that cast Tailor in an even worse light.

Tailor's last Instagram post, in contrast to her seemingly active social media presence with two million followers, was posted on March 30, just days before the April 3 stabbing.

She has since been seeking treatment in Hawaii for PTSD and substance abuse, according to Miami defense lawyer Frank Prieto.

"I’m completely shocked, especially since we were cooperating with the investigation and offered to voluntarily surrender her if she were charged," Prieto said of the four-month long investigation.

Prieto added, "We look forward to clearing her name in court."

Allegedly, the incident took place at the couple's Miami luxury apartment, where the two were known to be involved in several previous domestic disturbances.

In Las Vegas, Tailor was arrested on domestic battery charges, and police were called to the couple's Austin, Texas home multiple times for domestic disputes.

They had only been in Miami a few months before problems began to arise once again.

Staff in their building had noted multiple complaints from neighbors regarding domestic disturbances and were even planning to evict them.

As reported by Fox News, Tailor was on the phone with her mother, Deborah Clenney, when the stabbing occurred. It was also noted in the arrest affidavit that neighbors called building staff to report a domestic disturbance during the same time period.

In surveillance footage released by Florida state attorney Kathie Fernandez Rundle, Tailor is also seen assaulting Obumseli in their apartment building's elevator two months prior to the stabbing.

Rundle described Tailor as "aggressively attacking" Obumseli in the elevator, where she is captured hitting the wall and smashing buttons before hitting Obumseli repeatedly.

According to Paper and a report from TMZ, Obumseli had allegedly been stalking Tailor for several weeks leading up to the murder. Tailor subsequently claimed the stabbing was in self-defense.

Rundle called the couple's relationship "extremely tempestuous and combative" and said the evidence does not support Tailor's claim of self-defense.

Another leaked video obtained by TMZ shows Tailor handcuffed and covered in blood.

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