Masks are beginning to be the topic of discussion once again--just as we started to see less and less of them. What's going on with all of this? Well, according to the Central District Health, the proof is in the plumbing.

You may have seen the national headlines recently that have emphasized the warnings from the Centers for Disease Control. What's behind the push? According to many statistics and out of an abundance of caution--the Delta variant is not one to be messed with. The variant, which scientists are still learning about, spreads much quicker and even those who are vaccinated are susceptible to infection.  With these numbers on the rise, the CDC is issuing extra caution--specifically to communities and areas with low vaccination rates.

Here we are in the Treasure Valley and now, businesses, cities, and health districts are following suit.

The City of Boise is now requiring masks in buildings that they run.  Businesses like the Record Exchange are asking people to mask up before entering, and now Central District Health is recommending the same as the CDC.

There is a big difference between a recommendation and a mandate-- could more be on the way?

Levels of COVID-19 are constantly being measured in our sewage water here in the Treasure Valley and even in that regard, an uptick in COVID-19 numbers tied to the Delta variant are prevalent.

We will continue to keep you posted on any developments-- a lot remains up in the air. Could schools bring back masks? Will nightlife take another hit? Only time will tell.


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