It's official The Mayor has made a bold move and has mandated that masks be worn in Boise. I think this is a good idea since cases seem to be spiking in Ada County, Mayor McLean is calling for the order to go into effect Fourth Of July.  Here is the official word:

The order requires everyone to use face coverings in the City of Boise. Coverings that completely cover the nose and mouth are now required in all indoor and outdoor public placesThere will be a few exceptions for children under the age of 5, on-duty first responders, or those with health or communication concerns.

I have a few questions, How will this be enforced? Will citations be handed out? How much is the fine? Is there a fine? What happens at restaurants? the order says masks must be worn indoors, Is it o.k. to remove the mask while eating? What happens at coffee shops? must we keep our mask on unless sipping? Are we gonna have to drink coffee out of flexible straws?  I have more questions but you get the idea. Answers anyone?


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