As we jump into another work week here at the radio station and across the Treasure Valley, I've decided that I'm going to try something out..because, why not? I'm going to go vegetarian for a week!

I should start by saying, this isn't a HUGE challenge for me because I'm not anti-vegetable at all. It's just something I've never done.  I was recently out to dinner at Chandler's and the person I was with laughed that I was the first guy she's been out with that didn't consistently order a steak. I thought about it and--I've never ordered a steak. Fish is usually more my speed? During the week though, everything I eat seems to have meat in it. It's going to be a little different.

I recently attempted, after a few years of paying for meal prep, to make my own meals. That failed miserably and lasted about two days. I then discovered that my good friend a local icon Chef Zee, had a meal prep service of his own. I signed up and was hooked by the end of day-1.  I don't know what this guy does to the vegetables he includes in my meals, but they're prepared so well--I thought to myself, I don't even NEED the meat and I feel so clean after eating!  That thought is what sparked my "veggie challenge" if you will.

I'll let you know how the week goes and when I wrap things up at the end of the week, I'll fill you in on what Chef Zee prepared for me.

Do you have any vegetarian tips and tricks for me? Maybe some snack inspiration or something? Post up and let me know!



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