I'd like to know how it is even possible for me to use the AC in my car two days ago and my heat on full blast this morning. I mean, after years of living here in the Treasure Valley it shouldn't be THAT much of a surprise...but wow, if it doesn't always come as a surprise.

We're going into the weekend and even though the weather isn't going to be what I was hoping for...it's still the weekend. We've got to do it right!

That said, there is so much happening all over town, I really hope you'll plan to get out and about! Here are some of the biggest things going on this weekend and a couple of them, we'll even be at!


  • 1

    Gia Gunn at The Reef

    Gia Gunn will be preforming with Boise Pride Fest as we're a month out from the festival. The 21+ event is going down tonight and The Reef is hosting! Tickets are available at the door!

  • 2

    Diversity Prom

    Knitting Factory

    I love this event so much and it's for kids ages 14-18. Diversity prom is a safe space and dance for local youth that want to have a great time in a judgement-free zone. It doesn't matter who you love, how you dance, or how you look! I'll be hosting with some BMF tickets to give away as well! This is Saturday, May 18th from 6:30 until 11:30

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    Idaho's Largest Garage Sale

    Expo Idaho

    Looking for some treasures? Come see us at Idaho's Largest Garage Sale from 7:00 a.m. until about 5:00 p.m. but the good stuff goes early! Dave Hester from Storage Wars will be there, as well!

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