You may have noticed a lot of me on the air this week and if you did...sorry about that! Matt was out for a couple of days which mean you were stuck with a WHOLE lot of Mateo--gosh, do I feel bad for you!

This said, it was a crazy busy week of work this week and the weather didn't help. Something tells me you can probably relate. Grey and rainy days just seem to make everything feel longer.

With the weekend coming up there is a ton to do and hopefully despite the fact the weather isn't going to be in the 80's like I wish it were, you're able to get out and capitalize on some fun stuff. Here are THREE things I hope you won't miss this weekend!

  • 1

    Fatty's Bar

    21+? Great.

    I'm hosting the party on Saturday downtown Boise at Fatty's on 8th & Idaho. I'm going to have some BMF tickets on me and there's a ton of drink specials to make going out a little easier on the wallet.

  • 2

    Crunch Fitness

    Kat will be on the streets in Caldwell with YOU free Boise Music Festival tickets! Get out there and win your way into this summers hottest concert for free, today from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.

  • 3

    Mustache Memorial Ride

    One of the most fun annual events in Boise! This benefits our local fire fighters and includes craft beer, food trucks, music and more! It's over on 6th & Main and starts at Noon today!

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