With ANOTHER weekend finally here, it's time to figure out what in the hell you're doing! Sitting around the house is nice and all--but in a city like Boise that seems to always have a little something for everyone, here's to hoping you'll be getting out into the town!

Of course the elephant in the room is Boise State vs. Las Vegas. With UCF taking a second loss on the season, Boise State's shot at getting into a major bowl game continue to increase. We all--or at least most of us--want to see that. How are you supporting the team!? Post up next to a tv and watch the action for yourself this weekend!

Below are three event that I hope you'll consider in your plans this weekend!

  • 1

    Star Wars Symphony

    This should be crazy cool! The Boise Philharmonic will be performing songs from Star Wars tonight! This could make for a fun night out, a reason to dress up for a date, or even a kids' first exposure to the symphony!

  • 2

    Snoop Dogg?

    Well, he's doing a free show in Ontario, Oregon at a new dispensary. I'm not a smoker myself (and no, I'm not just saying that because the bosses might read this), but if you're a snoop fan, this may be a chance to see him for free.

  • 3


    Another Oktoberfest is going on in downtown Boise this weekend-- this time, on 8th street. Trying to drink some beer outside and have some fun? Here's your move.

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