Another weekend is here in the Treasure Valley and all of the holidays are behind us. It seemed for so many weeks that once we cleared one holiday, event, family gathering, or whatever-- another was right around the corner. That can get exhausting!! This weekend, get out and focus a little on yourself!

Snow is expected to hit the Treasure Valley floor all weekend long after it seems that Mother Nature forgot it was winter here...but I would be totally ok with her continuing to forget, no matter the weather forecast.

Each week I gather the top three events you should check out with the kids, the family, or the date-- check out my top for this weekend, below!

  • 1

    Family Second Saturday

    Idaho State Museum

    A great family event for the kids today-- it's Family Second Saturday at the Idaho State Museum. This month, it's all about designing your own boat! Make a boat that can float and win a prize!

  • 2

    Club Karma

    8th & Idaho

    Formerly known as Fatty's, Club Karma is soft-launching tonight right above Pie Hole and we'll be there to kick off the party at 10:00 p.m.!

  • 3

    Boise State vs. San Diego State

    Flip on your TV and check out this basketball game-- Boise State on the road against San Diego State-- the 7th ranked team in the country. Boise State has been improving and this win could be massive! Watch this at your favorite bar or in the comfort of your own home

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