McCall has always been a special place near and dear to my heart. Whether it's been for North Beach on Fourth of July (the good ol days!), visiting a friend's cabin, jet skiing surrounded by mountains, or visiting for the Winter Carnival. You can't deny that McCall has a little something for everyone. Apparently, Trip Advisor agrees, as it has named McCall one of the best family getaway spots in the NW region. I couldn't agree more. The city of McCall is just close enough for a weekend away. It's nestled in picturesque scenery great for capturing the perfect Instagram shot, as well as just "recharging" your batteries literally any time of year. Don't even get me started on my love of the hot springs in the winter time! That or a burger from My Fathers Place- the best burger in town. Not only is the scenery relaxing but the locals are always welcoming and love to chat about their city. McCall is truly a gem of Idaho!

To read more about the high praise from Trip Advisor check it out here:

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