You read the headline correctly. Mcdonald's is giving away their signature Big Mac all week for just a penny. This is a big win for McDonald's and their new partner DoorDash which was announced last week.

What's the catch? None. You will have to pay for the typical delivery prices through DoorDash but there is more to the story. The team also announced you could win $1 Million dollars just for ordering. Can you say rich!

This is a big win for the fast-food franchise in a health-conscious society that we live in now. We've seen several food chains have to adjust their menus with more health-friendly items. We just witnessed Burger King and Wendy's both introduce their Vegetarian burgers and I'm sure we'll see more.

When thinking of how we colud celebrate the nationwide rollout of McDelivery through DoorDash, we knew we had to go BIG. We're so excited to offer 1 million of our customers a 1 cent Big Mac and a chance to win $1M dollars. - VP of Business Development, Toby Espinosa at DoorDash

Here's what you gotta do.

  • Order a Big Mac at any participating DoorDash delivery service.
  • Pay 1 penny for each person, each Big Mac (one per person)
  • Pay DoorDash delivery charges.
  • Qualify for a $1 Million Dollar payout.
  • Use code 1MBIGMAC
  • You could score free delivery if it's your first time at some DoorDash services.
  • Promotion runs from September 30th thru October 4th.

That's about $3.98 off the regular price of a Big Mac. Seems like a pretty decent bargain to get McDonald's favorite sandwich and potential life-changing payday.

Good luck!


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