A few days ago I went to the doctor for a routine check up and after doing the paper work and sitting in the waiting room for way too long they brought me back to take my vitals. Thinking back on it, I now feel like I shouldn't be as shocked as I was but I was definitely surprised when I looked at the scale. I knew I had gained a few pounds but considering that I've been somewhat consistent with my workouts I didn't expect to have gained 8 pounds. Of course I'm going to blame it on the pandemic. Pandemic pounds are a thing right? Repeat after me... Yes pandemic pounds are a thing... haha.

Want to hear something else that's shocking, pandemic pounds are a thing even for pets. I was at another friends house about a month ago and I was blown away at how much weight her cat had gained, I didn't want to say anything but after watching this ktvb report on a Boise fat cat I had to share. According to epicpetclub :

"The average healthy weight for an adult tabby cat is usually 10 pounds. However, the healthy weight might also vary according to the breed of the tabby cat. A tabby cat can weigh as low as 5 pounds, whereas a Maine Coon can weigh as heavy as 25 pounds and still be considered healthy."

Here is my case study, a Boise orange tabby named Chester Bartlett now weighs 31 pounds. How does a cat get to weigh 3 times as much as the average Tabby? Can you say pandemic pounds? makes sense right?

In the ktvb interview Bartlett's mother said "Turns out the cat wanted second breakfast every day. And elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner and supper to go boot."

Chester is now on a diet and the family as well as the neighbors are no longer feeding him repeatedly as they now realize that pandemic pounds are a thing even for pets.

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