Flo Rida is taking over 103.5 Kissfm all week with tickets to Boise Music Festival and a chance to GET LIT in the Cool Zone. It's GDFR 🔥🔥🔥

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Flo Rida is officially taking over the 💋 studio all week as we get the cake ready for The Boise Music Festival on June 24 at Expo Idaho. It's GDFR (Going Down For Real) this week with Flo Rida's fat stack of tickets including a chance to meet him from the Cool Zone. DO NOT SLEEP THIS WEEK! Let me repeat in case the all caps was too much for you.


How Do I win? Listen for any Flo Rida song, dial 384.1035, be caller 9, instantly win a pair of ticket to this year's Boise Music Festival. Listen Monday, May 15 with Cruise & Box for the GDFR Golden Ticket Upgrade. That gets you the tickets to BMF and the upgrade to watch Flo Rida, The Band Perry, Sean Kingston, Hey Violet, Austin Mahone and more from the official COOL ZONE. We don't quit there [pause to catch yourself.] We'll escort you back to meet Flo Rida before he takes the stage. All I gotta say is 🎤💧

The Questions You Still Want to Ask: Yes, caller 9 instantly wins a pair of tickets. One the grand prize winner gets the GDFR Golden Tickets. Yes, you get two of them. Yes, you get two Cool Zone passes if you're the grand prize winner. Yes, you and your guest both get to meet Flo Rida. No, you can't get on his tour bus [unless you ask! you never know if you don't ask people!]

How long does this promotion run: The grand prize winner will be chosen Monday, May 15. That means get ready for an extended crazy weekend [hint].

103.5 Kissfm Boise App

I suck at calling in to win! How else can I win? Great question! Be a friends with benefits member and we'll choose winners each day. Download our NEW APP for mobile exclusives to win. IPHONE HERE or ANDROID HERE.

I can't listen on a computer while I'm at work, what now? You just ask the best questions of all time! Download our new APP. It's the app designed for our contest crazed listeners and you can do everything from one screen. Get it NOW.

Why Get The App? Call it a prize pig 🐷. You can listen, watch videos, updates, submit photos/videos for Kissclusive contests, and even vote which songs you want to kiss or diss! It's GDFR! No, for REAL.

It's the Flo Rida Take-over all week and it's about to go Right Round. Don't want to play our contests to win and would rather just buy them? I have a few ways to do that.

The Boise Music Festival Pool Party at Roaring Springs: This is our annual kick-off to BMF with a pool party and it's a steal. $25 will get you a ticket to Boise Music Festival and Roaring Springs for the Pre-BMF Pool Party. We've also added performances by MAX! That's all less than one BMF ticket [shhhhhhh].

Just want to buy tickets to BMF tickets or Cool Zone passes? Pit access? We have all that information including links HERE.


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