A what? Yes, exactly. It's a name you won't forget and local high school students are hoping it's a cause you can get behind. While the subject isn't the most fun to talk about, your actions could change a life. Now, let's gather those feminine hygiene products. 

Ladies, gather around. I doubt you thought this would be something we'd be discussing today but before you stop reading in favor of something else, give this a chance. Just one full read and even if it doesn't apply to your life right now, think of what if would feel like to be in this position - as a woman.

Sanitary towels - beauty treatment
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Timberline High School seniors, Brett, Catherine and Avery were shocked when they found out that if you are using food stamps to shop at the grocery store, feminine hygiene products are not covered. What does a mom do when put in that position? Does she buy groceries to feed the family or does she... I think we know the answer. No need to go further. I'd do pretty much anything to make sure my son was fed and had a roof over his head.

A 'Menstruation Station' has been set up at Lunchbox Wax downtown Boise. Anyone can drop off their donation of feminine hygiene products. Those products will be distributed accordingly.

If you want to take it a step further and know of a business (or even own one) that would make for a good 'Menstruation Station,' just ask for details inside Lunchbox Wax when you get there. See what it's all about, get details of what's going on and what it takes to be a drop-off site.

Thanks for giving this a full read. You're at least thinking about the fact that it's happening, right? For doing that, you're pretty great already.

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