Sandbags, barriers and panic are keeping the flooding to a minimum - for now. A local business has created one kind of barrier that replaces 60,000 sandbags and is working!

When an area is flooding, there's no time to waste. It takes time to fill sandbags and place them as a barrier to stop the water from the river to whatever structure you're trying to replace. A company in Meridian called AIRE Industrial. They offer "spill containment solutions". What's that mean? Only someone in a specific field would likely know about AIRE Industrial - until the Boise River rose to a height where flooding is a major issue.

KTVB reported that AIRE has developed diversion tubes which are basically giant "bladders" filled with water and can serve as a flood barrier.

One of the diversion tubes is 40-feet long that covers 600 feet along the Boise River. This compares to 60,000 sandbags. If you own a house or business along the river you're hoping to keep the water away, AIRE makes much smaller tubes for residents to put on patios that are about six inches high when filled.

Meanwhile, Ada County emergency officials are working hard to build a "muscle wall" to supplement the diversion tubes along the Boise River Greenbelt.

Oy. People. Can we get a little reprieve from the high waters and flooding.

We're thinking of those of you in Blaine County going through forced evacuations. If you have words or advice or things to prepare for when it comes to Ada County, we want to hear from you.

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