The duo is facing felony burglary charges after stealing wine from retailers in Boise and Meridian. 

According to KIVI-TV, Haley Moeri and Tom Hamilton stole a total of 18 bottles valued at $10,000 during three heists. During one incident at a retailer on the 1200 block of Broadway Avenue in Boise, the couple allegedly got away with nine bottles of wine valued at $4,400 and left the property in the RV. If you do the math on that, the couple must have a very sophisticated taste for fine wine because that averages out to about $488.89 a bottle.

Nearby, the Meridian Police Department was also looking into the couple for two similar incidents in their jurisdiction.

They were arrested after a City of Boise employee recorded the license plate of an RV matching the description of the one connected to the wine thefts. The burglary charges have been filed in Boise, but charges in Meridian are pending.

It's a shoplifting case unlike any that I've ever heard of before! I think what surprises me the most is that you can pick-up a bottle of wine THAT expensive in retail stores in the Treasure Valley. (We CANNOT confirm that the wine in Boise was stolen from Albertsons, but the Broadway store's address is 1219 Broadway and we know they have a pretty extravagant wine selection.) I don't think I've ever spent over $15 on a bottle of wine purchased at a grocery store.  The only time I shell out money for wine is when I pick it up at the actual winery and even then, I may have paid $30ish!

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