It has been a heated debate in the Treasure Valley for weeks--but some would hardly even call it a 'debate'. Really, it's been noise, and a lot of it.  After a group (and a small one, at that) submitted a petition to the Ada County Commissioners to dissolve the Meridian Library District, support for these libraries came out of the wood work and from every direction.

Dissolving the library district would have ceased all library operations in the City of Meridian and frankly, it's tough to imagine a community let alone a city the size of Meridian without a resource as important as a public library.

The announcement came just this afternoon:



Many believed that the petition signed by just a few hundred folks stood no chance--but those in opposition of the movement started by the "Concerned Citizens of Meridian" didn't want to risk it.  Ada County Commissioners heard several hours of continuous public testimony and appeal, stressing how important libraries are for the city, themselves, their families, and more. All of this was over the Concerned Citizens of Meridian believing that the public libraries carries materials dangerous to children.

Some commissioners shared that there may be valid points to concerns around children access adult material in libraries--but dissolving the library district is not the proper action step.

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