I feel like from time to time I read or see a story of a good Samaritan leaving a huge tip for a struggling server, however the act always seems to take place somewhere far away. On occasion it turns out to be a celebrity that leaves the gratuity just like this past summer when Chad Ocho Cinco left a $500 tip at  Papa Joe's across the street from BSU. Well, this time it wasn't a celebrity and it didn't happen far away.

This past Monday a mystery customer left a $600 tip at Gramercy Park Pizza & Grill in Meridian. Along with the huge tip, the customer left the following note on the receipt:

"I have been able to work as normal throughout the pandemic but still got stimulus $, so I want to share with you all!"

You might be asking yourself... How much was the actual bill? According to the Gramercy Park Pizza & Grill Facebook the customer only purchased $108.50 worth of food.

On that same Facebook post Gramercy Park Pizza & Grill wrote "There is kindness all around us, you just have to open your eyes to it! We also live in an amazing city that promotes kindness and compassion. Be thankful to be here in this beautiful place! We love our community and are so thankful for all the people that continue to support our little Gramercy Family!"

I like to say it often because I've experienced it on different levels. #BoiseKind is a thing in our community even if it actually happened in Meridian.


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