Meridian is a special place. I have spent a ton of time walking, biking and exploring Meridian with my son and love it. It is full of amazing parks, neighborhoods, restaurants, shops and surprises. In a neighborhood near Victory and Meridian road is a house painted with super bright yellow and electric greenish teal paint. You cant miss it.

I was a little surprised and confused by the paint choices at first. But then we noticed something extra special about 'The Easter House'. There are two large rabbits that live there and are often (weather permitting) hanging out in the unfenced front or side yards. Now the Easter House nickname really did make sense. One is grayish-tan and one is all black. We talked to the woman who owns the home, she told us one is named Sweet Thing and one is named Honey.  You can see the black one in the featured image for this article, it has its ears back so looks like a black fuzz ball in front of the house.

As I did a little curiosity research I found out that rabbits do see color and some studies even claim they are attracted to bright colors. Suddenly Easter makes more sense and so does the reason for this vibrant exterior paint choices. She wanted her bunnies to stay near the house and maybe the bright colors help them do that.

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