After DJ Complex created the most epic dance party that any single parade in Downtown Boise has ever seen, we headed over to the Boise Pride Festival at Capitol Park.

Over 19 million people will get the chance to relive Boise Pride, thanks to Google.  They sent in camera crews to take photos/videos of every second of Pride weekend in the Treasure Valley to share with their readers.  Why? Because Boise earned the recognition of being America's "Best Small Town Pride."

And it was certainly a powerful day at the festival.  If you're not part of the LGBT community, it's easy to just include Pride weekend on a list of endless "summer events" happening in the Treasure Valley.  But if you got the chance to really stop and talk to people at the festival, you realize how important the event really is.

I got a chance to finally meet one of the listeners I've talked to on the phones for years.  He was thrilled to plan a last minute trip from Eastern Idaho to be back in Boise for Pride, because it was somewhere where he felt like he could truly be himself.  It wasn't easy for him to plan the trip because he doesn't have the full support of his religious family.  Just to see him smile and feel truly accepted in his element made the entire Pride weekend worth it for me as an ally.

Check out some of the photos I grabbed at Capitol Park and make sure you read the powerful messages you guys wrote on our Polaroid wall!

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