Micron is one of, if not the largest private employers in Idaho. The computer company that started as a dream of a few wealthy entrepreneurs is one of the most important tech companies in the world.


Micron Technology Spends $150 Billion

A look at Micron's role in technology and its leaders present and past.

The US Government blocked an attempt by the Communist Chinese Government to buy the company several years ago. Micron continues to be one of the few companies that reliably manufacture computer chips. It has seen its ups and downs and is currently thriving.  


Micron, like most employers, drank the Joe Biden Kool-Aid by issuing a mandatory vaccination mandate. Now, Micron employees are organizing and fighting for their religious freedoms to say no to vaccination or termination. The company instituted the order last September. Joe Biden's mandate was not instituted until November, and that was before the US Supreme Court shot down Joe's charge.


A group of Micron employees is now organizing to seek a religious exemption from the jab. The group Micron Employees for Religious Freedom (MERF) wants to protect their rights to say no to mandatory vaccinations. MERF has reached out twice, writing to Micron's legal team. 

"Our first letter, sent on November 15th, was curtly rejected by Micron, which stated it would only deal separately with individual employees, and would not even discuss in a "group setting" the mandate and its enforcement and refused to acknowledge the voluntary outreach of MERF. The second letter was based on the testimony of Micron's chief people officer, April Arnzen, who testified before the Idaho Senate State Affairs Committee on November 17, 2021, that she welcomed anyone who was struggling with the mandate to come and discuss it with her, and stated that the vaccination deadline was extended until the end of January, 2022."

How has Micron handled the rights of folks who do not want to take the shot? According to the release, there appears to be a double standard on how employees are treated.

Non vaccinated Employees:

Double Mask

Daily Test

Eat lunch in an area away from those who've taken the shot. 

They are prohibited from eating lunch at their desks.

The group has decided to take legal action against Micron. If their allegations are true, it appears that Micron is not a welcoming place for those who want their religious freedoms. Here is another excerpt from the group's release.

"Unvaccinated employees, and particularly those who sought religious or medical exemptions, are subjected to the imminent threat of being fired at the whim of the executive team. Harassment measures such as daily testing, double masking, and segregated eating areas continue to pervade "non-compliant" employees. Micron continues marching forward with its mandate, despite that a growing number of employers (Starbucks, Intel, etc,) have rescinded their respective vaccination mandates. "

MERF has secured legal counsel and is looking for anyone who is interested in supporting religious freedom. You can find more information about their efforts here.  

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