You know the joke that 'the mic is always on' or that 'technology is always listening'? It seems that in Caldwell, that's far from a joke or just a saying these days as some relatively advanced technology helped police solve a crime over the weekend.

The public is both impressed and a little unsure of what to think.

Early on Sunday morning, Caldwell Police Officers responded to the report of multiple gunshots -- but it wasn't a citizen that called it in. It was a new, high tech system.

It's called the 'Flock' system and according to Caldwell Police, the system uses microphones that are installed all across the city. This system detected the sound of multiple gunshots and alerted authorities.

As it turns out, the system was right: shots were indeed fired.

Flock Safety has an explanation of their system on YouTube, that you can watch below 


Caldwell Police say that the system is quite accurate--and because of this, they were able to successfully locate a vehicle of interest and two suspects that were involved in the shooting.

A 22-year-old, Johnathan Anderson and a 29-year-old, Alex Muniz, were both arrested.

The technology is impressive and it certainly helped authorities respond to unwelcome gunshots in Caldwell. Citizens are feeling mixed emotions, however, because there's something so strange about thinking that microphones are 'planted' all across Caldwell.

As technology around us advances, so too will the techniques of fighting and investigating crime. In an age of technology, we shouldn't be surprised that these kinds of tactics exist. In the end, we're thankful nobody was injured on Sunday morning.

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