I am going to be doing a new series called "Best of Youtube" and I will be highlighting what I think is the best video on YouTube on Thursday. It's my own personal opinion and you can love it or you can crucify me. I follow about 50 channels on YouTube and those lead me to other channels so I feel like my YouTube knowledge is pretty good.So to kick it off, I will be highlighting one of my favorite night-show bits. The Late Late show with James Corden is easily becoming one of my favorite night shows because his off the wall humor, his easy going questions and set (for that matter), and how he seems to be having genuine fun with his guests.

One of his best bits which makes him so likable and makes his show so successful is his carpool karaoke. I have highlighted it before, but this time he brought in probably the hottest artist out in the world right now, ADELE!!!

Its an awesome bit and if you haven't seen it here it is.

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