Miley Cyrus may be an awards show host pro and a fledgling singing competition judge, but daytime talk shows are a whole different beast.

On Thursday (September 29), however, the "BB Talk" singer makes her daytime talk show host debut as she steps in to cover for Ellen DeGeneres on Ellen.

After the beloved TV host had to "take off sick from work," so to speak, Cyrus was called in as backup—and the pop star is excited about her new guest gig.

"I know all of you came to see Ellen so I’m gonna do my best to make you very happy," Cyrus tells the audience after grooving onto the stage in a near-perfect imitation of DeGeneres' famously enthusiastic dancing.

"I’m dressed like her, I smell like her, [and] just before I came out here I actually kissed a girl!" the singer and Season 11 Voice judge jokes. "I’ll admit I’m a little bit nervous because I’ve never hosted a show with my clothes on before so this is so weird."

As for the precise ailment behind DeGeneres' sick day, Cyrus doesn't divulge, but she does assure the crowd that "Ellen will be fine."

"Don't worry, you guys...she just isn't feeling well... And I gave her a bunch of Molly to make her feel better. It's working!" she adds, playfully.

During the episode, Cyrus shows viral cat videos, as well as interviews Sarah Jessica Parker and Broadway star Idina Menzel, who recently became engaged and whose new album, idina., was released September 23.

Miley's episode of Ellen airs today. Check your local listings for air times in your area.

Watch a preview clip below:

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