If you're looking to the sky and feeling a sense of emptiness since the Total Solar Eclipse, the next astral event coming to Boise may be an even greater sight.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (try saying that five times fast) says that Idahoans may be getting a gorgeous eye-full of the Northern Lights this week. More specifically, from now until Saturday, assuming that the smoke from all the current wildfires don't obscure our view.

This would normally be where we discuss what causes the Northern Lights, also referred to as the Aurora Borealis, but it's time for a moment of truth. I have no idea what any of the following terms mean:

  • Solar flares
  • Coronal hole high speed stream
  • Geomagnetic storm
  • Kp Index
  • G2 Storms

Somehow, when you combine some of those things together, you get a beautiful glow in the sky.

According to the NOAA, you're more likely to get a better view of the Northern Lights if you head to northern Idaho, being as there's much less light pollution as you get away from the city. Just don't do what I did and let your best friend punk you into missing the entire thing:


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