Every Monday Cruise & Box read Missed Connections from the Boise Craigslist. Did you run into a cutie at a concert? Trying to connect with a long lost love? You might be in Boise Missed Connections!

Here’s some of the strangest Missed Connections we spotted this week:


Tool Concert (Ford Idaho Center) - W4M

Saw you against a wall by the womens bathroom looking at your phone. You were in plaid shorts and a green shirt. Tats on your arms of women it looked liked. You're hot! You probably didnt even notice me. But if you're available, I would love to rock your world!


Shakespeare Festival Guy (Boise) - W4M

This is a super duper double duper long shot. worth the chance. i was sitting in a group at a table during the performance of Wait Until Dark on saturday night. couldn't peel my eyes off you. you were wearing a Kurt Cobain shirt. shorts. long, long locks. handsome. looked hella ripped. walked past one another once and i think you may have cracked the tiniest smile at me. i couldn't say hi because im pretty sure your wife or gf was on your arm and i may have been salivating too much. if you think you remember me and want to get a cup of coffee or mistakenly fall asleep in my bed lol what was i wearing?


Sometimes You Just Gotta Wonder (Boise) - M4W

...if there's any relaxed laid back women out there in need of a good laugh coincidentally goofy enough to feel they'd have fun trying to read the constitution of the United States out loud while the bottoms of their feet were being tickled... cause if there is, I certainly missed them so far! If there's currently any goofballs out there, respond to a fellow goofball!


Can't get enough missed connections? We totally understand. They're completely addictive. Looking for that long lost love from the other night? Peruse our previous Boise Missed Connections and see if that special someone pops up for you!

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