I reported a few weeks ago that local bar and restaurant owner, Ted Challenger, was leading the way in Boise for dropping plastic straws. Now, others in Boise are following suit.

As I've been out and about downtown on the weekends-- I've heard the criticism. Many say "it won't make a difference"--but to that, I say should we as a community just never try to make an impact, then? With paper straws now offered at Challenger's establishments if you'd like one (these consists of China Blue, Dirty Little Roddy's, Amsterdam Lounge, and the Tailgate Sports Bar and Grill) -- the composition time for these hitting land fills are just a fraction of that of a plastic straw. These are the baby steps that our community can take to lower our environmental footprint.

Announced this week, Bittercreek Ale House and Red Feather Lounge will be joining Challenger's downtown establishments in no longer offering straws. According to the bars (which fall under the same ownership) in one year, over 200,000 straws in different variations are ordered. Paper straws will now be available by request.

Learn more about the national movement to drop straws, HERE.

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