I'm excited to be kicking off a new weekly feature on the show and here on 103.5 KISS FM with my guy, Brett Denton. Brett is a local business owner that has watched his full-service fitness & nutrition center in downtown Boise grow into one of the biggest brands in the Treasure Valley. Of course, none of that has come without hard work and customer loyalty. Brett is one of the most motivational and real guys that I know and bringing him on board as the health, fitness, and wellness guru for us here at the radio station is an honor.

Every week, we're taking your questions and answering them. Consider this access to your very own personal health and wellness coach. Brett is an expert when it comes to this and he's helped thousands obtain their personal goals.

This week, we're talking about pain.

One question submitted was from someone who has been working out consistently for a week and is STILL feeling sore.  Check out the video below as Brett breaks down why that's normal and how to get passed that on your fitness journey.

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