Some experts are saying that the Polar Vortex caused snowmageddon and also gifted us 9 inches of snow this past weekend. I say great, when life gives you snow, you snowboard, ski, snowshoe or snowmobile. If you're not into winter sports but you still want to take the family out for at snow day or maybe you don't have a family but you want to take someone special out on a different kind of date, picture this...

"Glide peacefully through the winter wilderness of Garden Valley, Idaho in an old fashion sleigh pulled by gorgeous Spotted Draft Horses. Listen to the jingle bells and join in on the laughter and holiday fun! Feed and see the wild elk up close. Follow up the sleigh ride with a complimentary hot drink back at the lodge and cuddle up next to the warm fireplace. Add on a homemade lunch, or a delicious slow cooked Dutch Oven meal with live music during your dining experience." This is how Idaho Sleigh Rides describes the experience they offer.

Intrigued? I was too. Years ago I experienced the horse drawn sleigh ride and I was blown away at how the Elk would come right up to the sled and feed right out of peoples hands. The kids loved the ride and the interactions with the animals. At the same time the private romantic rides are a great opportunity to make memories with your significant other. This is definitely a must do snow day date or a family outing, I say let it snow... let it snow. Just in case your wondering... yes they are observing COVID-19 guidelines. See the fine print form their website below and  book your date or family outing.

COVID-19 Operating Plans:

In order to ensure safety for our customers, their family and friends, and our employees, we have made some adjustments to our operation.

  • We are only taking reservations for private sleighs. We are not taking reservations for small separate groups to combine together on to one sleigh. Our Large Private sleigh holds up to 12 people at $250 and our Small Private sleigh holds up to 4 people at $200.

  • We unfortunately are no longer offering lunch on our mid-day sleigh rides.

  • We will still offer our Dutch Oven Dinner Sleigh Rides to large private groups of 8 or more.

We will be following local, state, and federal guidelines to ensure safety for everyone involved.   We apologize for the inconvenience, but hope to still provide a memorable experience this holiday season!


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