If you're an Idaho resident that plans on traveling-- not even to any place exotic--flying ANYWHERE out of the state...there's some things you should know.

For years, we've been hearing about this Real ID thing and Idaho has continued to file for, and receive, extensions. In fact, this was something that was supposed to kick in over 10 years ago. Well, the extensions are up and it's time to address what we'll need to travel in the very near future.

Currently, all 50 states are in the process of kicking into action Real ID programs. Of these 50, 28 are fully compliant and if you live in once of these states you will need a new and enhanced ID or a passport to fly-- anywhere.

No need to fear, if you're an Idahoan with an Idaho issued drivers license, however. I'm flying to Arizona in just a couple of weeks and when I read about this, I was concerned flying OUT of Arizona (a fully compliant State) would be impossible for me. Turns out, since I have an Idaho Drivers License (a state that has an extension) I'm totally good to fly in and out of any place in the United States.

Do note-- Idaho's extension expires on October 10, 2018. By then, we'll need to be getting new ID's, or using our passports to fly.

More on this issue, HERE.

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