I had the honor of hosting Idaho Miss Amazing this weekend and once again wasn't disappointed. This is one of my favorite events and got to host side by side with my friend Maggie O'Mara from KTVB.

Idaho Miss Amazing is a pageant that is a platform for girls and women with disabilities to showcase their best abilities. I watched a girl step up to a microphone this weekend and type out her message to the crowd via a Bluetooth speaker. This will forever be a moment I won't forget.

I was standing next to Maggie on Saturday night as one by one, these amazing women stepped up to a microphone with confidence. This will be my third year and the attitude that these ladies give off is always the same. They just wanna be happy while making others even happier and disabilities don't hold back these women! There were so many anti-bullying messages that made me smile and broke my heart. People can be cruel and I can't imagine what some of these girls have gone through. I smile because it's just another person standing up AGAINST bullying.

Photo by: Kekeluv
Photo by: Kekeluv

They sang, danced and everyone received a crown. Only six are heading to Chicago for the finals competition but everyone was a winner this weekend. You should see the smile when they put those crowns on, priceless.

You can donate to Idaho Miss Amazing by clicking THIS link and please see how you can get involved next year. I've posted a few photos from the event and those smiles should paint a vivid picture for you.

Thank you again for reminding me that no matter how big the challenge, you decide the outcome. True inspirations.

Love you ladies and see you next year ❤️

Idaho Miss Amazing

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